Historical of CIC-P

The CIC-P was created by agreement between INSERM and the CHU  in February 1995 under the leadership of Pr. Pierre Drouin and Pr. Faiez Zannad.

The application for approval of a research site was filed as early as May 1995 and approval was obtained on October 17, 1995. The recruitment of staff began in May 1995 with a secretary and a nurse on time. full.

Important medical equipment from the own funds of the coordinating doctor and investigating physician was made available to the CIC-P, on the premises of the latter, as early as August 1995.

From May 1995 to October 1995, prior to obtaining the research site accreditation, the activities of the CIC-P consisted mainly of the establishment of the team and the training of staff in Good Clinical Practice (Bonnes Pratiques Cliniques), conditions of protection of persons suitable for biomedical research and computer procedures. During this same period, budgetary procedures were studied with the Administration of the University Hospital Center and that of INSERM. Security procedures have been put in place and honed. Promotion of the CIC-P was made to the clinical departments of the CHU, INSERM units, and several laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry through the design of a brochure specific to CIC-P Nancy, which was widely distributed to all partners, to the realization of several Open Days for clinicians at the University Hospital Center and INSERM researchers in Nancy and to many personal contacts with the members of the Medical Establishment Commission and the Clinical Research Commission of the CHU, with members of the Faculty Council and the University Council.

With the agreement of the Technical Committee which was set up and whose first meeting took place on 5 July 1995, several draft protocols have been finalized. Finally, throughout this period of waiting for the accreditation of a research site, clinical research work with direct individual benefit, undertaken previously in the respective clinical departments of the coordinating doctor and the medical delegate, could be continued with the staff of the research center. CIC-P. From the end of October 1995, CIC-P’s own investigations started.

Since 1995, 140 protocols have been performed, including 11121 healthy patients and volunteers. 324 original international publications were published and 236 oral communications were made.