A multidisciplinary national network

  • It is a network of research excellence, composed of men and women who have decided to work together to improve the cardiovascular prognosis of patients with renal failure.


  • The INI-CRCT network (Investigation Network Initiative-Cardiovascular and Renal Clinical Trialists) combines, for the first time, French leaders with expertise in the cardiorenal field (cardiologists, nephrologists, anaesthesists-intensivists, internists, epidemiologists, trialists, basic researchers), as well as an ARO (Academic Research Organisation), Haemodialysis Centers, Heat Failure Networks, the Biomedicine Agency, the University of Lorraine and the NIT (Noyau d’ingénierie et de technologie [Engineering and technology Core]) Foundation.


  • Coordinated by Pr Patrick Rossignol (Nephrologist, specialist in arterial high blood pressure, Professor of therapeutics and Doctor delegated of the Plurithematic Clinical Investigation Center of Nancy), the network is certified and financed for five years by “F-CRIN” (French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network).