The CIC-P works in compliance with regulations: the Helsinki Declaration, European directives, current French laws and good clinical practices.

The functioning of the CIC-P is governed by its own procedures and those of the CHU.

In order to produce quality work, a quality assurance department has been set up. The latter shall ensure that these regulations and procedures are properly applied.

The quality assurance department, under the responsibility of Prof. Zannad, is responsible for drafting and revising procedures and training staff in them through various means (meetings, preparation of brochures, revision sessions). In addition, the application of and compliance with procedures are controlled by signing a commitment to read the procedures, by conducting internal audits and by knowledge control sessions.

Training staff on regulatory changes and the resulting practical changes is also a priority for the P-ICC.

Each member of the CIC-P is therefore responsible at its level for ensuring that its activity is part of a quality assurance approach, which ensures that the CIC-P works with a view to developing studies of maximum scientific quality.