Our mission: to generate high-level knowledge in the cardio-renal field

The CIC-P is open to any research or health care organisation or institution, to researchers, investigators and promoters of any institutional origin and to industrialists wishing to carry out national and international research involving the human being in the cardio-renal field with a view to modifying clinical practices, particularly therapeutic practices.

Our teams will accompany you through the various stages of your research project:

  1. Development of the project,
  2. Set up and implementation,
  3. Data processing and analysis,

Types of clinical studies in the cardio-renal field

  1. Therapeutic trials,
  2. Physiological and pathophysiological studies,
  3. Cohort studies.

Support in the development, coordination and regulatory processes of a research project

  1. Methodological support,
  2. Scientific expertise in the framework of the project,
  3. Regulatory and legislative expertise,
  4. Budgetary expertise and calculation of additional costs,
  5. Assistance in drafting the protocol and research documents (information documents, procedures, etc.),
  6. Responding to funding tenders,
  7. Administrative and regulatory procedures (submission to CPP, ANSM, CNIL),
  8. Follow-up of inclusions,
  9. Logistical follow-up and coordination.

Support for clinical investigation: Phase II, III and IV for trials involving a health product - in healthy or sick volunteers.

  1. Pre-screening,
  2. Inclusion and follow-up of volunteers,
  3. Filling in the observation books,
  4. Carrying out cardiovascular explorations (VOP, ultrasound, echotracing, etc.),
  5. Establishment of biological collections,
  6. Logistical follow-up and coordination.

Data processing and statistical analysis

  1. Creation and production of databases,
  2. Consistency check and validation,
  3. Statistical analysis,
  4. Participation in the writing and submission of scientific articles.

Scientific expertise

  1. Project evaluation,
  2. Scientific coordination of project(s) leading to publications :
    1. On the ICC-P data
    2. On international data in the context of collaboration


If you would like to collaborate on a research project, please contact us ("Contact us" section)

Email: cic@chru-nancy.fr
Direct lines (secretariat): 03 83 15 73 22 - 03 83 15 73 21