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Drug testing


Heart failure


A mission

The multi-thematic modules (CIC-P) conduct studies on new drugs or physio-pathological studies. They provide investigators with the skills and means necessary to investigate healthy volunteers and patients

Located within hospitals and supported by Inserm (National Institute for Health and Medical Research) and hospitals, the Clinical Investigation Centres (C.I.C.) are at the interface between fundamental research and finalised medical research and aim to produce new scientific and medical knowledge in compliance with ethical and legal rules.

Open structures

Investigators from all institutional backgrounds and industry wishing to conduct research:

  1. on healthy or sick people
  2. on various themes and research areas: physiology, physio-pathology, genetics, therapeutic research, epidemiology, etc.

The objectives of the CICs

  1. Logistical and technical support to design and implement projects
  2. The development of clinical research within the university hospital community and research laboratories, in particular Inserm
  3. Training of doctors, pharmacists and paramedical professions in clinical research, with the application of good practice and quality assurance.