A fellowship at Nancy's Centre d'Investigation Clinique - Pierre Drouin (CIC-P) on the cardio-renal theme offers a unique opportunity to healthcare professionals and researchers passionate about exploring the complex interactions between the cardiovascular and renal systems. The Nancy CIC-P is recognized as a research center of excellence, promoting medical and scientific innovation in the field of cardio-renal research.

The reasons why you should do a fellowship at the CIC-P in Nancy on this theme are..:

Recognized expertise : The Nancy CIC-P enjoys an international reputation in the cardio-renal field, with highly qualified and experienced researchers and clinicians. By joining the center as a fellow, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with thought leaders and learn cutting-edge expertise.

A multidisciplinary approach: The cardio-renal theme involves a multidisciplinary approach, combining knowledge of cardiology, nephrology, molecular biology, epidemiology and much more. At the CIC-P in Nancy, you'll be exposed to an integrated research environment where experts from various fields work together to tackle the complex problems associated with cardio-renal diseases.

Access to cutting-edge resources The Nancy CIC-P is equipped with cutting-edge technologies, including an Olink proteomics machine and a vast clinical and biological database. These resources will enable you to conduct high-quality research studies and explore new approaches to preventing, diagnosing and treating cardio-renal diseases.

Translational research: The Nancy CIC-P focuses on translational research, i.e. the transition from basic research to concrete clinical applications. This approach enables scientific discoveries to be rapidly translated into practical solutions for patients, offering professional satisfaction and a significant impact on public health.

Collaborative opportunities: As a Fellow at Nancy's CIC-P, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with national and international academic and industrial partners. These collaborations will expand your professional network and offer you opportunities to work on large-scale research projects.

Contribution to public health: Cardio-renal diseases represent a considerable public health burden, affecting a large number of people worldwide. By participating in cardio-renal research at the CIC-P in Nancy, you will be making a direct contribution to improving healthcare, disease prevention and medical innovation.


In conclusion, a fellowship at Nancy's Centre d'Investigation Clinique - Pierre Drouin on the theme of cardio-renal diseases represents an invaluable opportunity for healthcare professionals and researchers wishing to immerse themselves in a complex and topical field. This experience will offer both professional and personal benefits, while making a significant contribution to the advancement of medical research in the field of cardio-renal diseases.

Prepare a complete file that generally includes :

  1. A detailed CV,
  2. A cover letter explaining your interest in a fellowship at the CIC-P in Nancy and your research objectives,
  3. Letters of recommendation,
  4. Transcripts

Send your complete file here: cic@chru-nancy.fr